MAG-splitting linguistic and political systems are totalitarian: they take away individual ways of communication and communion with God (Totality), they take away individual paths to faith and knowledge, peace and autonomy. These patriarchal, industrial, colonial, consumer societies are guarded and fed by manipulated and violated stuff: food, information and mental programs such as world-view and language. Ultimately what is driving humanity in its political, social, economical and ecological run amok is a misprogrammed autopilot. The "golden" rule of this program is subordination. At the same time, all cultic energetic codes and gates are opening and activating, the chance to convert and connect to the original human coordinative inner structure. Historical, political and moral clairvoyance before the autopilot crashes the establishment.

0.THE SEED: realise 
INITIATION: reconstruct
1.PEOPLE: rewire the original network
2.LANGUAGE: reprogram
3.HISTORY: revise and rewrite, settlement of accounts, compensation, reparations and restoration, reconciliation
4.POLITICS: end politics of manipulation and force, end imperialism and colonialism, end consumption and expansion politics, stop wars, stop migration, return to the Rule of Common Good: reconsider the last systems of justice, equality and freedom (Sumerian Ur-Nammu and Carpathian Sacred Crown Constitution)
5.SOCIETY: stop systematic subordination and exploitation, reestablish original order according to division of tasks
6.EARTH: stop parasitism, self-sufficiency and eco-friendliness, sacral geology and energetic system
7.BODY: stop poison, rebuild holism
8.MATTER: stop plastic, stop genetic manipulation, stop banking
9.ENERGY: free energy, open education
10.COSMOS: reconfirm the Cosmic Law and Order
11.CULTURE: affirmative cult of life
12.RELIGION: reconstruct Trinity and Unity, ethics of no cheating, no stealing, no lying, independant and direct communion and communication with God, conscious soul leadership: inner Theocracy

- Amagdala - 

Learn from:
Benjamin Fulford
young female leaders, indigenous wisdom, experience and insight of colonised nations