Axiom 1: THERE IS an archaic system of all races on Earth

Linguistic gender-freedom, particularly in the personal pronouns, is the key to find out which peoples and tribes have kept the SEED/MAG intact – for an example of the mentally broken seed program, see English HE vs. SHE vs. IT! When consulting the internet and "official" academic sources about languages, linguistic history, logic and structure, be aware that Semitic, Indo-European and Chinese language families are ALL colonialists, the winners of manipulative and aggressive history, who have been forging records and facts to justify their power and cover up the truth. The truth is that the ORIGINAL, MAGic MENTAL/LINGUISTIC PROGRAM OF HUMANITY is preserved only by INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AND TRIBES, whose linguistic program remains coordinative (as opposed to subordinative), and concentric (as opposed to linear). The I-you-he/she/it code of each language is the TEST! Is it any wonder that gender-free races NEVER colonise but ALWAYS seek unity and peace?

The Magyars are Keepers, like all indigenous peoples of the world, who each and collectively have undertaken the historical role of the underdog, Abel or Christ, or in fact the ultimate victim of the past 4-2-1 thousand years: the invisible metaphysical realm, the intuitive, the language of the heart, the Feminine capacity and Divinity, the woman, the Virgin Mother Queen: the ephemeral quantum nature of the physical world: the magnetic love source of all energy. Magyar is Keeper, as the Seed keeps the original information of its full-blown capacity condensed. Magyar-Scythian-Hun, as Core-Endosperm-Coat compose a Seed namely and really, energetically: the Soul, Mind and Body capacity of ADAM, the single entity of humanity. Originally, every nation, race and tribe belongs to this entity. The Semites by name associate themselves with the Sem or Seed, the Chinese relate to the Huns, the Indos and Europeans celebrate an entirely Scythian-Saka past. Unfortunately, these are fake brands at the moment, just like many names, states, symbols, slogans, gestures. Misunderstood laws, at best. The fate of the entire suppressed part of life breathes for air, justice and light as one. Even the darkest particle is pure quantum light deep down, as the physicists testify. 

MAG languages and language families are:

Azerbaijani (Turkic)
Bashkir (Turkic)
Carolinian (Austronesian)
Chamoru (Austronesian)
Chuvash (Turkic)
Crimean Tatar (Turkic)
Estonian (Uralic)
Fijian (Austronesian)
Finnish (Uralic)
Gagauz (Turkic)
Gilbertese (Austronesian)
Haitian Creole
Hungarian / MAGYAR (MAG)
Ilokano (Austronesian)
Javanese (Austronesian)
Karachay-Balkar (Turkic)
Karakalpak (Turkic)
Kazakh (Turkic)
Khakas (Turkic)
Kumyk (Turkic)
Kyrgyz (Turkic)
Malagasy (Austronesian)
Malay/Indonesian (Austronesian)
Maori (Austronesian)
Marshallese (Austronesian)
Nahuatl (Uto-Aztecan)
Nauruan (Austronesian)
Niuean (Austronesian)
Nogai (Turkic)
Palauan (Austronesian)
Rapa Nui (Austronesian)
Salar (Turkic)
Samoan (Austronesian)
Shor (Turkic)
Southern Quechua
Sundanese (Austronesian)
Tagalog (Austronesian)
Tahitian (Austronesian)
Tatar (Turkic)
Tetum (Austronesian)
Tongan (Austronesian)
Turkish (Turkic)
Turkmen (Turkic)
Tuvaluan (Austronesian)
Tuvinian (Turkic)
Uyghur (Turkic)
Uzbek (Turkic)
Visayan (Austronesian)
Yakut (Turkic)

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