Only 300 years passed between the Legal Code of Ur-Nammu and that of Hammurabi in Sumeria. 300 years between a holistic, egalitarian, democratic and love-based legal system and the fear-based system of "an eye for an eye".  All imperial law ever since follows the latter, bad tradition. Including the Roman Law system which rules our mentality, our politics and economy, and our everyday affairs. It is a misprogrammed code of conduct, based on subordination - the law of Kain, the law of war. The original all-connective code of living, the seed or MAG misprogrammed in Babilon, Ur and Jerusalem, and sown world-wide ever since. On the other hand, the law - and consequently the economy - of sacral traditions such as the Magyar Holy Crown, exists in a higher dimension accessible but not easily accessible to all. The Crown comes with a message of  salvation and ascension, peace and freedom. "Her Majesty" the Holy Crown operates crystals from Syrius. A Magic Wand (sceptre) and a Golden Apple (orb) accompany Her, as well as a Cosmic Cloak. These "objects" "make" a State, a Head of State, and a People. They CAN reestablish a State of Eden, a state of cosmic-human-natural sacral law and economy. Several peoples and tribes preserve traditions, symbols and even "objects" which manifest and carry out metaphysical, heavenly control and protection of worldy affairs.