Axiom 2: THERE IS an archaic language family of cosmic origin on Earth. 

English has 4% etymon, Latin 5%, Hebrew 5%, Hindi 9%, Tibetan and Sanskrit 12%, Old Turk 26%, and Hungarian (MAGYAR) 68%

2600 BC (2300?) SEMITIC
300 BC LATIN language, religion, society, economy and politics: "te coloniso"

35,000 year-old runes in the Bosnian Sun Piramid, 12,000 year-old Pacific cultures, 6-8-10,000 (?) year-old Eurasian, Atlantic, American, African cultures. Signs of SEED- or MAG-consciousness.

The structure of artificially modified languages such as English is to blame for all bad global trends. Yes, language, particularly language structure effects the way you behave, the way you think, even the way you feel about things – and even your genetic structure! Civilisations are completely conditioned by their mental structure coded in language. 

The ÉN-TE-Ő Gene


Én-Te-Ő are the Magyar, and probably the original common global words for the personal pronouns I-you-he/she/it. Én-Te-Ő is the sound of the Holy Trinity: Mother-Father-Child, Anya-Atya-Ifjú in Magyar. Keeping the mental pattern intact, the Magyar-speaking communities kept their genetic coding intact. Falling out of the Én-Te-Ő was the end of our true memory and reality of God, of Godness, and the beginning of genetic modifications. For language makes a certain collective mentality, collective mentality makes collective behaviour, collective behaviour makes collective religious, cultural and political civilizations. These collectives are genetically coded. 
The Én-Te-Ő language program is the one that is compatible with the universal law of the MAG. The genetic population keeping the formula has kept intact the KEY TO GODNESS: the key to ONENESS. You say the world is Én-Te-Ő, the 3 personal pronouns that describe and define MY ENTIRE WORLD. All the world is the Me, the You and the He and the She and the It. Is it not? This is what a baby first learns in life: the distinction between Myself, You, and everybody and everything else. The words for these most basic categories of existence, reality and importance have been modified and changed. 
Entheogen - the substance that makes you feel like God. The word is now used mainly for physical substances and drugs that give you the illusion of being God. An illusion is insustainable. But a vision is sustainable: to walk the passage of life toward God, and in the end you realize that God has always been next to you, inside you, God has always been YOU. 
So the ÉN-TE-Ő formula is the true entheogen, the secret, the very physical, genetic key to divinity, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Meditate on it, think about it, feel it, use it. 

No-gender versus gender. Today there are two basic, radically different language structures on Earth: the non-gendered, én-te-őgene MAGic, concentric structure. And the gendered NON-MAGic linear structure. Language structures are hugely, but fortunately not exclusively definitive cultural mental programs. They are either concentric or linear: non-invasive or invasive, organic or artificial. The old, original MAG-programmed cultures - and the new, colonial, imperial MAG-crack programmed cultures: indigenous versus colonial, invaded versus invader, non-violent versus violent, natural versus synthetic, organic versus inorganic, self-sufficient versus dependent and parasitic: healthy versus ill. MAG-cracked cultures are, on the whole, made ill by their artificially manipulated and violated linguistic programs.

The eternal, archaic and holistic SEED or MAG language program is: central, coordinative, concentric. Program of Light, Life and Love.
The temporal, experimental and partial MAG-cracked language program is: decentralised, subordinative, and linear. Program of Darkness, Death and Fear. Fél-elem is fear in Magyar: half-element, precisely what gender does: divides categorically and exclusively. 

OUR PARASITE SOCIETIES ARE BASED ON THE GENDERED MENTAL PROGRAM. They are base-programmed mentally by these manipulated and violated language programs: the Semitic, the Chinese, and the Indo-European programs. These broke away from the original trinary concentric language structure of the original, common MAG language model, and created unequal, disconnected, unnatural systems: language systems first, then realised the same broken mental pattern in society, religion, law, politics, economy, science and even in art. Unequal is the he/she subordination, sexual and racial discrimination, religious, cultural, economic and geopolitical parasitism of the Hebrew-Arabic lingo-mental-attitude program. Disconnected is the isolative language structure, selective historical honesty and invasive politics of China. Unnatural is the he/she/it hierarchical chaos, the abnormally arrogant fascist, racist, sexist social, economic and ecological vision of all militant, Divine Motherless (Matricidal) civilisations from the Assyrian through the Judeo-Roman to the Soviet, the EU and the US. All super patriarchal systems! Super manipulative and super aggressive! Know your language program and change it yourself, even by just giving its limits a thought! Reprogram your original consciousness: rebuild your own MAGness! 

Good sign of the times: "U.S. Episcopal diocese votes to stop using masculine pronouns for God." Exactly, the root of all evil: division and subordination. In the colective Source Memory Healing session, this is the root problem, misunderstanding, a reversal and degenaration of the happy, good, creative pattern. Consider and contemplate your original seed-self as a radioactive magnetic system: SOUL-MIND-BODY, MOTHER-FATHER-CHILD, AT-OM-OS(?). GOD. ALLAH. ADONAI. ISTEN. ALL: ONE. Recoordinate our human systems to the timeless clock, the MAG-ÓRA. Reset our language systems, our love-units, consciously and methodically reunite in the common source. MAG-method of reunification and reintegration. 

The model of MAG language and consciousness is the Magyar (Hungarian). Why? 
1.Because MAGYAR carries the MAG even in its name.
2.Because there is a linguistic comparative analysis conducted at the Sorbonne, Paris in 1968, which shows the etymon(core/seed/atom:MAG)-content of all living and extinct human languages. The vocabulary of English has 4% etymon, Latin 5%, Hebrew 5%, Hindi 9%, Tibetan and Sanskrit 12%, Old Turk 26%, and Hungarian 68%. 
3.Because the precise structural code of the Atom/Seed/MAG has been found in the logic of the Magyar language.
4.Because the true history of Magyars shows that this nation and race living according to the ethics of MAG consciousness has NEVER EVER been oppressive or colonial, on the contrary, the language and history of the only known Holy Crown speaks peace and unity at the cost of any sacrifice. The Magyars, victims of all wars, scorned and humiliated on the manipulative, violent cross of imperial politics. The cross itself is made of the wood which grew from the seed, the Nazir now crucified. So language, race and historical role are directly connected!

What is the secret of this perfect archaic original language?
Find the logical structure and code in the MAG crystal labs here. Basically, first there is a strong magnetic core uniting verb and noun energy, then there is a circle of pronouns ÉN-TE-Ő without any impediment of gender, and finally there is the word, sentence and thought structuration which builds concentrically and directly around the core. These three strata, aspects or capacities together form the torus of energy, which is activated by using this language. This concentric toroid structure of energy magneticism, flow and radiation is THE UNIVERSAL CREATIVE LOVE MECHANISM. This is how our language, our consciousness, our life, our families and societies, and how our human race is ORIGINALLY programmed.

This program is carried not only by Magyar, but the entire MAG FAMILY: all ancient, original, indienous languages: Sumerian, Parthian, Dravidian, Uyghur, Pali, Japanese, all Native American, Berber, Etruscan, Celtic etc. These are all MAG-consciousness-based: non-gendered and non-colonial!

Problem. The greatest damage done by English and all Indo-European language programs is the gender distinction HE/SHE/IT.

First, you cannot fathom a complete God who is both HE and SHE. You cannot fathom, cannot reconstruct, cannot address, cannot worship because you cannot express HIM/HER/IT. English has no word for God. He? Not exclusively masculine. She? No, not exclusively feminine either. It? Definitely not lifeless. Speaking of God in English, you are forced to chose one exclusive aspect over the other, and automatically lose one principle for the other. Why? Isn't God beyond gender? If so, doesn't GOD HIM-HER-ITSELF deserve a single unsplit personal pronoun?
Second,  the HE/SHE/IT trinity is the source of conceptual chaos and role confusion. It secretly copies the ancient magical trinity of the MAG: Mother-Father-Child, but its order is confused. The original mantra of life: the creative sequence which is the MAG, is manipulated and copy-pasted into a wrong place. Patriarchy. Black magic. Black hole. Infertile projections, poweress force, uncreative production.
Third, not only is inner and social imbalance and unrest programmed by the gender divide, but ecological catastrophe is also predestined by the neuter. Practically prescribed. Good morning! Why the lifeless category when everything is alive? Everithing is live, connected energy. 

The MAG language or language family of all aboriginal peoples carries an entire organic, cosmic structure and system of expression. 

Solution. Linguistic reform step 1. Abolish the linguistic gender divide

Historical revision will come, and the revelation of true reality and real truth will be painful if you're not prepared. Changing the semitic and indo-european language structures back to a united, non-gendered second and third person pronoun might be a good start... As Magyar is the most archaic of Earthly human languages (Sorbonne 1968. Etymon-survey), Magyar I-you-he/she/it: én-te-ő is the ideal, ancient model directly connecting to the Holy Trinity of the Universal Seed (aNya-aTya-IfjÚ). It would be best to return simply and exactly to this same natural-cosmic creative sound sequence. 

Forget I: ÉN takes you closer to your source.
Forget you: TE takes you closer to your justice.
Forget he/she/it: Ő takes you closer to your other side.

Suddenly, egotism (capital I), patriarchy (he over she) and eco-fascism (it) are gone. New energies flow into your consciousness of who you are and what you're here for. 

My personal mantra in Magyar is:

Try saying this in separative and subordinative languages. In English:

Good news! 

Historically, there were two gender-neutral pronouns native to English dialects, ou and (h)a!

Linguistic reform step 2. Return to concentric, coordinative structuring from linear, subordinative structuring

The nucleus or centre of each word, sentence and thought is originally the radix: the core or MAG, around which all additional parts and partners are magnetised. Linguistic structuring directly affects our consciousness: our concepts of time, space, life, society. Entire language families are misprogrammed to a partial, non-universal consciousness. The return to holistic, universal thinking and living is INEVITABLE. Welcome back to your unlimited and unveiled, concentric and cyclical, united and coordinative Living World!

Linguistic reform step 3. Holographic comparison and reconstruction of global vocabulary

Meaningful sonic units (words and phrases) reoccur around the Globe. Their variations, complementary forms and meanings provide a huge coherent tapestry of global human consciousness. The words we use and how we use them have a creative (and destructive) power beyond our current comprehension! This is where the weight of responsibility is partially lifted from Magyar, and attention, credit and power can be given to ALL languages, for they all carry individual aspects, beauties and wonder of our common consciousness. Still, the central reference remains the MAG: the magic, magnetic law of love, light and life.


Here are some KEY words in global consciousness, their original MAGical meaning limited, altered, hidden, stolen, forged, violated, discredited, mocked, degraded and/or forgotten – which can be reconstructed and ILLUMINATED by Magyar/Scythian/Hungarian meaning and association:

original meaning hidden
in Magyar
All magic and magneticism is based on the common MAG nature, operation and structure of the Universe. The MAG represents the hologramic UNITY and CREATIVE SPACE & POTENTIAL of all, as envisioned in Amagdala.

original meaning hidden
Since the Universe is interconnected by the MAG formula, the MAG also represents CONNECTION and TRANSMISSION.

original meaning mocked
The MADA/MEDE/MEDEANs are the direct representatives of the MAGic world view and way of life, from today’s Eurasian tribes (Kurds, Jezidi) to ancient high civilisations (Medean Empire, Sumer, MU). Mayans are rooted in the very same tradition! Direct Magyar/Scythian/Hun connection. The word must have been given the derogatory meaning by the Judeo-Roman forces who rewrote and misprogrammed our memory not only through history but also language.

original meaning hidden
Basically the same as MED- and MAD-. Here the MAG comes to represent the TRANSCENDENT, the BEYOND, the SOURCE. Same as MODEL: the original mould of phenomena, which is always MAGical!

original meaning limited
The meanings of MOTHER, SUBSTANCE and LIGHT are connected: in Magyar,  MAG=SEED, MADÁR=BIRD. The seed feeds the bird while the bird also helps the plant. MADARAS = WITH/OF BIRD, perhaps referring to the movement and interconnection of individual units (people, societies, races and planetary systems) within the universe.

original meaning hidden
“I suggest CULT derives from Káld or Chaldean, the ancient Scythian state where sacral ritualism was the foundation of private and public life. Obviously, this was the natural way of life for the Chaldeans, but new to those races who synthesised the name with the cultic activity. CELTIC CULT is also identical, springing from the same ancient source.” (from The Cultic Code, p.204.)

original meaning hidden
same as CULT, here referring to wealth, value, divine solar power quality

original meaning violated: sacrilege
MANI: specifically the great Magyar/Parthian/Hun teacher, healer and prophet (216-274 AD), also in general MANI/MANU/MENES meaning Divine Leader (the status or role of the Magus Priest King) in ancient empires. Similar to BUDDHA/BUDA being the traditionally and historically Scythian Enlightened One, where the original meaning is simply limited. Both Mani and Buda have considerable traces in Magyar history and geography, genetics and sacral tradition.

original meaning mocked
comes from MANI

original meaning mocked: sacrilege
NIMRUD/NIMRÓD/MÉNRÓT was the legendary-historic first King of the Earth, traditionally the Father and Leader of all peoples but specifically of the Magyars. We also identify him with the Sumerian Gilgamesh whose traces are also present in the Magyar Karpathian Basin. His figure is so divine that he is identified with the entire constellation ORION. Degrading the name in American slang to mean idiot is rather unwise, as it is unwise to plot and conduct the ruin of ancient Sumerian sacral Nimrod monuments in the Near East, to have stolen the unbelievable Nimrod treasures from Bagdad, and to try to manipulate the hidden ancient magical power structures of present-day Iraq.

original meaning mocked: sacrilege
The Great Goddess ISIS/ISHTAR of Sumerian Babilon and the Karpathian is the Divinity whose supreme benevolent and fertile power was and is repressed and persecuted by the global patriarchal mafia, the terrorists of the earth for the past some thousand years. To name the peak of patriarchal devastation ISIS is hidden mockery, but is the last drop for a God who is really alive: Allah or Élő.
IS-IS = BOTH, ALSO, AS WELL AS in Magyar: a mentality and moral order based on mutual connection and inclusion, coordination, specifically based on a linguistic system without the subordinative-linearising gender split. All ancient languages devoid of gender are connective, inclusive and coordinative: cyclical, universal, divine.

original meaning violated
SZEM = EYE, GRAIN, SEED in Magyar, identical with ATOM and MAG! To call the MAG-splitting tendency Semite is ironic, for it is exactly the unity of God which is violated in the sexist religions backed by gender-splitting language programs. SAMAS is the Sun God, the All-Seeing and All-Containing, see also Sem the offspring of Noah, and Samson, and also Shams. The Sun God is definitely not exclusively masculine. Amaterasu, the Shinto Sun God is a Goddess. German Sonne is feminine. The SEM or MAG Deity, the ONE that all are searching for, is both femine and masculine, both matter and energy, both physical and metaphysical. The All-Seeing Eye is the seed-program underlying all life - and lifelessness. The Eye is the Universal model of a Seed, a constant source of creation and reconstruction. This Benevolent Divine Eye is a pair of eyes really: Good Mother and Good Father. We all used to carry this LOOK in our daily and life-long mental program called language. In the language programs of he/she, this LOOK, reflected down to every physical cell of our body, is distorted in the mind.  

original meaning forgotten

original meaning hidden
A SCYTH-IAN selfless, devoted mentality and way of life: the way of the Budda, Christ or Mani

original meaning hidden
HÁRMAS = TRIADIC in Magyar, referring to the triple structure of the MAG as re-conceived in Amagdala

original meaning hidden
KUTYA KARMA = DOG’S CLAW in Magyar, referring to the ancient Scythian tradition where they wore a dog’s claw pendant in their neck as the sign of a promise or oath until it was fulfilled. Note that in this same tradition DOG is the symbol of the Sirius Solar System, to which we have direct lineage and link.

original meaning hidden
CSOKRA = BOUQUET OF flowers (rose/lotus) symbolising the centres of energy in the body. This association is that our chakras radiate power as flowers radiate beauty and scent.

original meaning hidden
The primary and central energy channel of the body, the One out of the 72,000 nadis or subtle channels. SZUSZ = BREATH and SZŰZ = VIRGIN, while UMNA-AMMA-ANNA-ANYA = MOTHER or SOURCE in Magyar. So the ancient MAG name Susanna originally means Virgin Mother.

original meaning degraded
SZŰZ = VIRGIN in Magyar, where immaculate conception is a mystery tradition and a piece of cosmic memory. Saint Anne and the Virgin Mary were both Scythian Parthians. Original Divine Creation gives birth out of itself, without external agency or penetration. The Greeks misinterpret and degrade this gnosis by turning Virgin Conception or Spontaneous Creation into an unfaithful masculine Deity.

original meaning hidden
SZELLEM = SPIRIT in Magyar. Peace is an important, but not primary attribute of the Spirit or Consciousness. The Spirit of unconditional Love is what automatically creates (and re-creates) peace, tolerance and brotherhood. Rather ironically, it is the two least peaceful world movements, the first schismatics of the Global MAG Family, the Jewish and the Arabic wave the false flag of the Spirit of Peace. Note that in the Magyar Trinity of the MAG, MAG-SZIK-HÁM (as core-endosperm-coat) corresponds to LÉLEK-SZELLEM-TEST (soul-spirit/mind-body).

original meaning altered
SZÉL = WIND, identical with SZELLEM = SPIRIT, also associated with SÓLYOM = FALCON in Magyar. The key misunderstanding of Western consciousness concerns the LÉLEK-SZELLEM-TEST (soul-spirit/mind-body) trinity. SOUL in meaning refers to the Immovable Centre, while in sound refers to Movement. I believe this slip is no accident but a key point in the deliberate misprogramming of human consciousness, which indeed began with the Akkadian black magical linguistic meddling at Babel, and the degenerative signs of which are carried by all Semitic, Indo-European and Chinese languages and cultures to this day.

original meaning forgotten
ÉLŐ = LIVING in Magyar. The Supreme Aspect of God is that He+She+It is ALIVE in everyone, and in everything we feel, think, say, see, and do.

original meaning partly forgotten
I recently realised what a significant and beautiful addition to the vow of peace is the Magyar meaning of this phrase: SZELLEMEM-LELKEM = MY MIND AND MY SOUL (I CONNECT WITH YOURS), and the reply is the energetic feed-back: LELKEM-SZELLEMEM = MY SOUL AND MY MIND (I ALSO CONNECT WITH YOURS). With the hand gesture touching our heart and forehead as we say this, it becomes a real ritual of energetic connection and co-creation, in mutual devotion to a UNIVERSAL and ABSOLUTE, TOTAL and REAL, DIVINE PEACE

original function misprogrammed
The magical "energy accelerator" of Mecca is misprogrammed, because such a TREASURE should not be generating and feeding such fearful, victimising, destructive actions, events and systems as it does. The stone ( in Magyar, like KŐBABA or MENHIR formations) is meant to inspire and support the personal and communal creation - or rather re-creation and co-creation of the MER-KABA: the original human crystal-, light- or rainbow-consciousness. The stone seems to be serving a cause which is INCOMPATIBLE with "its" original nature. The stone would much more wish to really literally and absolutely emanate the Spirit of Peace: SALAAM. See also: KUPA as CUP or GRAIL and HEAD or CROWN CHAKRA in Magyar. Also: universal laws are carved into stone (KŐBE VÉS).

original meaning forgotten
Association with the Great Goddess KYBÉLE, whose priestess is the SIBYLLA. Also, KŐBÁLA/KŐBABA = STONE FIGURE (RESONATING MONOLYTH) in Magyar. Also: KUPOLA, KÁPOLNA (dome, chapel) etc.

original function misprogrammed
Just as the Kaaba stone. The CIty of the Holy Falcon or Hiero Solyma is a key energy centre of Gaia. All sacral places of Gaia emanate Gaia's energy in different ways, but the BASIC NATURE, OPERATION and STRUCTURE of the energy is the seed. The Falcon of Jerusalem carries the Seed or Sun in its beak, while the people living there are programmed think, speak and act according to the non-holistic, seed-splitting basic view pattern which is the Hebrew and Arabic gender-splitting pattern of language. Here too, the Absolutely Peaceful Spirit of the Place is made to generate and feed the system of peacelessness.

original meaning forgotten
ATYA = FATHER, ANYA = MOTHER in Magyar, so their coupling in one word refers to the Golden Age where the Inner Creative Source or God is really ONE.

original meaning forgotten
KERÍT = TO FENCE, originally as KÖRÍT = TO ENCIRCLE or TO ROUND. The origin of Mankind being in a natural Circle primarily means being in a CIRCULAR HEART- AND HEAD-SPACE, cyclical mentality, a round world view: MAGic consciousness.

original meaning forgotten
KÖR-OSZTÓ = SUN CROSS in Magyar, referring to the form/structure or inner order of God or Creation: the Differentiated, Manifest One, also signalled as Trinity (in which the point&circle are the first, the line is second, and the circle&cross are the third phase or aspect).  

original meaning forgotten
KÖR = CIRCLE in Magyar. The Latin-based association of the cosmic figure of Circle with HEART is a beautiful example of how even MAG-split, basically misprogrammed language families preserve key aspects of the common root tradition and cell memory of Humanity.

original meaning forgotten
ALMA = APPLE in Magyar. From the fruit of knowledge to the torus of energy, the apple is the cosmic symbol of sweet, beautiful, round LIFE, showing how and why the Eternal Life Force encapsulated by a single seed works. Nourishing in Latin, SOUL in Spanish, the self-generating, self-reproducing source and result of Life is indeed the Soul.

original meaning forgotten
NŐ = WOMAN in Magyar. Who saves, carries and issues life on earth?

original meaning forgotten
AN: ANYA/ÉN = MOTHER/I in Magyar. The meaning of ONE, Oneness, Togetherness and Wholeness is absolutely compatible with the cosmic notion of the Birth-Giver, but the meaning of the privative, negative suffix (a prefix meaning NOT, as in unfair, unrest, unbelievable) is not…

original meaning forgotten
MA=MA-MA, the arch mother principle, the Source of All. MARY, the Virgin Source or cell memory. MU-RA: Sun/Light of MU the Arch or Mother Civilisation: tradition of a SACRAL QUEEN of the Earth (see Hungary and the entire Magyar Karpathian Basin as Regnum Marianum or Earthly Empire of the Godess)

original meaning forgotten
variations of the most ancient word-root (radix) associated directly with LIGHT, see Mary, Mali, BarBar, -bury, Baal, para-, Paul etc.

original meaning forgotten
FÉNYES = SHINY, FULL OF LIGHT in Magyar. The Star of Love is symbolised traditionally by the 8-pointed star and is connected to Isis-Ishtar.

original meaning forgotten
in Magyar, identical with MAG-URA

original meaning forgotten
TÜNDÉR = FAIRY in Magyar. Dingir is the key deity or The God of Sumer, signalled by the cuneiform sign of the 8-pointed star, which directly associates HER with Ishtar. TÜNDÉR ILONA is the key character of cosmic Hungarian folk tales, the beautiful and benevolent Fairy Queen, who is also the Goddess of MAG peoples from the Hunzas to the Trojans. ILONA or HELENA is also ÉLŐ NŐ = LIVING WOMAN, also called TÜNDÉR SZÉP ILONA = FAIR(Y) ILONA

original meaning forgotten
: BABBA means beautiful in Székely, and GATE in Arabic, referring to a positive sensation and a cosmic portal at the same time, related to feminine aspect of God, or the SOURCE.

original meaning forgotten
BABBA or BAB ILIA: model or gate of the Living God-Godess

original meaning forgotten
, totem of the Magyars, ILION – EMPIRE OF ILONA

original meaning forgotten
PARÁZS = GLOWING EMBER in Magyar, referring to the Near-Eastern - and Global Cult of the Sun and Fire

original meaning forgotten
IZZÁS = HEAT, GLOW in Magyar

original meaning forgotten

original meaning forgotten

original source, connection and meaning erased
HUN = HÁM or COAT, the outer layer of the plant seed and third aspect of the Atomic Trinity

- Amagdala - 

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