The imaginary but real MAG-URA NETWORK is created by people and circles awakening to our original SEED/MAG consciousness, finding our real home and rebuilding our own real networks of belonging. In the awakening process, there are torch-bearers, there are those who wake and act slower, and there are those who are still deep asleep. But ultimately and originally, it is this MAGness which defines all races on Earth, spiritually, consciously, and genetically. I believe that all races, peoples, tribes, even communities and groups hold a piece of the puzzle which is necessary for the Whole, so that Global Humanity could eventually feel, see and act as One again, for the sake of LIFE. Life has always been, will always be, and eternally is sacred, only we have forgotten this in our historic slumber. Let us reunite our hearts, knowledge, and energy - this collective awakening is the only way of human survival. 

Humanity is a hologram, in which each part reflects the whole, but the complete whole is only realised in the Unity of parts. To illustrate this, I recommend the beautiful Persian Sufi tale The Conference of the Birds by Attar of Nishapur (1177 AD). Here, after a long and perilous journey in search of God, the individual creatures finally see their UNIFIED reflection and recognise it as the fulfilment of their quest: God IS our Oneness. 

- Amagdala -