Reconstruction of the archaic and eternal cult of the Great Goddess

The original cults of the Earth are all of the DIVINE MOTHER, who does not rule or rival but precedes the DIVINE SON/LOVER/FATHER, simply by giving birth to him.

The Goddess is a model formula of creation, feminine NOT as opposed to being masculine but pregnant with both genders! See Great Goddesses with twin children, a boy and a girl (Leto with Artemis and Apollo, Black Madonna with two-faced child).

TRIPLE GODDESS: initiatory, cyclical, alchemical natural-cosmic figure: white as child/virgin, red as woman/mother, black/green as old lady/crone: Birth-giver, Nurturer, Transformer


origin forgotten
Mytho-historical wonderwoman of divine connection, whose New Grange burial place in Ireland was built in the 3rd millennium BC. Named originally MEDU or MEDUA in proto-Celtic, she must be an example of Magi women, who left in groups from the Karpathian Basin to civilize and interconnect Eurasia from around 5700 BC, reaching Ireland around 2100 BC. (Now it is clear that MED/MADA/MAG/MAGA does not only and primarily refer to the Mesopotamian Empire of the Medes, but to MAGic consciousness, the common unifying MED or MAG Empire on Earth, and its archaeologically, genetically and energetically based Karpathian home.) It is confirmed that megalythic sacral monuments in Ireland (and in England too) were built by "a matriarchal passage-grave-making people", Grail-Crown people, or Archer people. The cult and culture of these Mede Magyars revolved around the common Mother of All: the Great Goddess, Solar and Lunar cycles, natural and built portals such as kurgans, pyramids, pillars and circles, cyclical-mythical super-reality, sacrificial "beakers", sceptre, a single Holy Crown and many magic hats, mounted reflex archery and direct connection to the cosmos via the Milky Way. Queen Medb is a classic MAG of concentrated aspects: divinity, ruler, magician, woman and fairy!

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